Book and Downloads

The Only One by Curtis Sergeant is available for free in ebook formats. You can go to for a link to the download site. The code for the free book is ONE4FREE. The audio book will be available there later for free as well. Print versions are not free. The book will also be available on Amazon, but without the discount.

Podcast and Webcast episodes

To view an interview about the book on Igniting a Nation, go to  Messianic Rabbi Eric Walker talks to Curtis about the book.

To listen to an episode on the Live Ten o Two Movements podcast, click here.  It is about Zúme and the book “The Only One”.

There was a podcast on our work posted on Engaging Missions.  It is by Bryan Entzminger.  Here is the link:

There was also a podcast on Movements.Net.  It is by Steve Addison.  Here is the link:

Download compilations of various blog series:

ObeyGC2 series from 2006

Commands of Christ series from 2016

Persecution & Suffering series from 2017