Training related to implementing these concepts is available to individuals and groups across the world through online and personal coaching.

Multiplication Concepts related to making disciples and planting simple churches


1. Importance of Multiplication.

2. Simple Church.

3. Every Disciple a Multiplier.

4. Spiritual Economy.

5. Love Means Obedience.

6. Duckling Disciples.

7. Greatest Blessing.

8. Eyes to See Where the Kingdom Isn’t.

9. Relational Stewardship.

10. Persons of Peace.

11. Self Feeding.

12. Training Cycle.

13. Pace.

14. Being Part of Two Churches.

15. What about Heresy?

16. Leadership Cells.

17. Non-Sequential.

18. Love Like Hell.

19. Jesus was a Bad Marketer.

20. How Big is Your God?

21 Abraham was Worth Reproducing.

21a. Called to Burma.

22. Jonathan’s Faith.

22a. Expectant Faith.

23. Networks.

24. Four Fields.

25. Bias Toward Action.

26. Next Steps.