“Curtis Sergeant is one of the foremost, contemporary authorities on mission strategies and church growth and continues to contribute in a significant way to organizations all over the world committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.  Curtis distinguished himself as an effective practitioner throughout his many years of missionary service in Asia.  He was able to transfer knowledge and insights gained from being a part of hands-on church planting movements in developing training tools, not only for missionaries, but for national Christians and the western church.  He served effectively as Associate Vice-President for Global Strategies at the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, the largest missionary-sending agency in the world, and then transferred his expertise in training and leadership to the creative global programs of Saddleback Community Church and its massive church-related network.”

-Jerry Rankin, former President, Int’l Mission Board, SBC

“Curtis is a passionate and effective worker in the Kingdom of God on behalf of the least people groups in the world.  From his front-line ministry to his training and equipping of others, he has had a significant impact in frontier missions.  He is widely recognized as a leading thinker and practitioner in the planting of reproducing house churches and an advocate for unreached and unengaged people groups.”

-Steve Douglass, President, Campus Crusade for Christ

“Curtis Sergeant is one of the world’s most strategic mission leaders today.  His innovative church planting methods and teachings have brought hundreds of thousands into the Kingdom.  Any way you can assist him in his service will lead to advance in the Kingdom of God.”

-Avery Willis (deceased), Exec. Dir., Int’l Orality Network, Author of Masterlife

“In the two decades I have known Curtis Sergeant, he has been at the forefront of the Great Commission. His pioneering insights into church-planting movements have been instructive to all of us who desire to be on mission with God. Regarding Curtis’s character, I like to quote what an anonymous missionary on the other side of the world once said after participating in a training session led by Curtis Sergeant: ‘What we experienced here was a godly man, doing a godly work, in a godly way.’ I concur.”

-David Garrison, Author Church Planting Movements, CEO of Global Gates

“I’ve had the privilege of working side by side with Curtis over the years. He’s one of just a handful of people in the world who has a comprehensive understanding of what it will take to finish the Great Commission. I believe in him and the ministry God has called him to.”

-Mark Anderson, YWAM, President of Global Pastors Network and Call2All

“I have served in global mission for 30 years.  When I began serving with Curtis Sergeant 4 years ago I found a true man of God, committed to immediate obedience to God and to whatever it takes to plant multiplying churches among the final 3,000 people groups in need of a gospel presence and Biblical church.  Curtis is certainly a man for such a time as this… to finish the task given by the Lord Jesus Christ.”

-Mike Constantz, Missions Pastor, Saddleback Church

“Curtis Sergeant is a dear, dear friend and fellow soldier in the Great Commission. He is bright, godly, thoughtful, and completely convinced in his convictions.  Most of all, his heart is sold-out to Jesus Christ.  I recommend him without qualification.”

-Rick Warren, Senior and Founding Pastor, Saddleback Church

“Curtis Sergeant has been a proven servant working effectively to bring the saving message of Jesus Christ to Unreached Peoples of the world. I have greatly appreciated his knowledge and faithful service to the entire body of Christ. I look forward to our continued partnership in the Gospel.”

-Jim Bowman, Founder/Director, Scriptures in Use

“While others are talking about reaching the ends of the earth, Curtis is doing it…. quietly and on a massive scale.”

– Eric Busby, former Strategic Developer Saddleback/ Purpose Driven

“I want to highly encourage you to invest in the ministry of Curtis Sergeant.  He is a pioneer in reaching the most remote places on Earth!  God has used him in a remarkable way to initiate one of the fastest growing church-planting movements in the history of missions in China.”

-Paul Eshleman, former President, The Jesus Film, now leading finishing the task

“Curtis Sergeant burns with a passion to see the Kingdom of God extended throughout the world–especially amongst those who have never heard the Gospel.  He is one of the foremost authorities on church planting and church planting movements (CPMs) in the Western world today.   His knowledge is not mere theory but comes from extensive first hand experience of some of the most major moves of God in the world today–moves which he has helped to shape.  If ever I run into problems with international church planting situations, Curtis is usually the first person I call, and he is unfailingly patient and spot on target in the advice he gives.”

-Felicity Dale, Co-founder of House2House Ministries and author of several books

“Passion and persistence help to define the character of Curtis Sergeant as he lives out his call to help fulfill the Great Commission with this generation.  Extensive experience on the mission field, and then within the American context, has prepared him for leadership within church and mission movements.”

-Tony Dale, Co-founder of House2House Ministries and author of several books

“Dr. Curtis Sergeant, as colleague, friend, spiritual brother, and co-trainer on every continent but Antarctica, consistently obeys his calling to facilitate multiplying churches among every people group.  Passion wells up when he prays for the lost, witnesses, or trains Biblical principles, and he is superb in preparing instructional materials and strategies. I fully recommend Curtis for any ministry position that will impact lostness and allow him to utilize his considerable gifts in mentoring, planning, strategizing, and training to complete the task.”

-Bill Smith, Top global expert in training of Strategy Coordinators

“Curtis Sergeant is known for his incredible grasp of church-planting principles and strategies, but what amazes me most about him is his passionate heart of prayer.  Curtis is that rare combination of head and heart.”

-Kay Warren, President, Acts of Mercy and author

“The call that Curtis issued to Greater Europe Mission (GEM) workers in Berlin in January, 2008, to engage in ‘Immediate, Costly Obedience,’ is still reverberating throughout our Mission. Today, you will see evidence of that challenge at our International Headquarters, as well as on printed materials being sent worldwide. His instruction regarding church-planting has provided invaluable guidance to many of our workers, and has helped introduce them to the concept of rapid reproduction of churches throughout Europe. Curtis asked ‘Is my life worth reproducing?’ What a profound question. We look forward to continuing to engage with Curtis in GEM, and encourage you to be blessed by his personal testimony and ministry as well. He is quite a gift!”

-Henry Deneen, former President, Greater Europe Missions

“Curtis Sergeant is a genuine gift to the church today. I owe a lot of my own strategic thoughts his influence. In fact, many of the church planting movement authors and speakers appear much smarter then we really are because of him. Curtis is a man with incredible intellect, but it is his heart, which is big enough for the whole world, that is most impressive!”

-Neil Cole, founder of Church Multiplication Associates and author

“In his Experiencing God Bible study, Henry Blackaby said ‘if you want to know where God wants to take your church (or organization), look at the people He is bringing to you.’   So we are excited about what God wants to do through e3 Partners as He brings Curtis Sergeant on board.  Curtis’ world class experience igniting church planting movements, and his ‘whatever it takes’ heart, combine to provide a powerful supercharger for e3 Partners’ church planting ministry.  e3 Partners Ministry has an enthusiastic team of US based Strategy Coordinators working with networks of national leaders, all devoted to church planting.  We look forward to seeing our effectiveness soar as God adds a ‘Michael Jordan’ level player/coach to the e3 team.”

-Mike Jorgensen , Vice President, E3 Partners

“Curtis Sergeant is one of the strongest teachers and strategists we know.  His desire to reach the unreached for Jesus Christ is one of the attributes we respect most and because we believe now is the time to do everything possible to reach the world with the saving message of Jesus Christ, we wholeheartedly recommend Curtis as a key person to pursue Great Commission activities and strategies.”

-Hugh Maclellan, President, The Maclellan Foundation

“Our vision is to plant a church within reach of every person on earth.  Our long range goalsare to equip 10 million believers to evangelize 1 billion people and to start 4 million multiplying churches.  Curtis Sergeant has spent his adult life developing strategies that have planted hundreds of thousands of churches and we believe that teaming together with Curtis will leverage his expertise and our resources to literally reach millions more people for Christ and by God’s grace plant millions of new churches.  Please pray about partnering Curtis and Debra Sergeant.  I really believe that partnering with them in their ministry with e3 will be an incredible Kingdom investment.”

-Dan Hitzhusen , International Vice President, E3 Partners

“Curtis Sergeant is a vital member of our senior leadership team.  He has added immeasurably to the expertise and impact of e3 Partners.  Dr. Sergeant’s credibility in the Missions community and vast networks around the world has brought us both unprecedented respect and opportunity.  With his guidance we are moving from the realm of planting thousands of churches per year to, soon, tens of thousands.  His wife, Debie, adds greatly to the quality of our ministry, and his family is a testimony of his character.  An investment in the ministry of Curtis Sergeant is a most wise and strategic Kingdom stewardship!”

-Curtis Hail, President, E3 Partners